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Tinkerbell Doe Suede Bodies:  

Weight:  900g



By Donna Rubert

About 22" Long, Includes vinyl head, 3/4 vinyl legs, and 3/4 vinyl arms.

Comes ready to reborn-- no need to remove factory paint or factory blushing!

The correct eye size for Eliza is 20mm half round.

If you use rings, this baby should be able to use the 78mm neck ring

At Last!!! my favourite sculptor has entered the reborn world and sculpted her first Open eyed baby doll kit for reborning.

Donna is a master doll artist and has been sculpting modern dolls for the porcelain doll artist for many many years and her talent for capturing the innocence of a child is second to none!

Absolutely fantastic detail on her sculpt's you won't be dissapointed

A Tinkerbell Creations doe suede body is available


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