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Genesis Heat Set Paints 15ml BB


Genesis Heat Set Paints 15ml BB

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Genesis Heat Set Paints

Titanium White
Flake White
Flesh 08
Flesh 07

Flesh 06
Flesh 05

Flesh 04
Flesh 03
Flesh 02

Baby Skin
Genesis Yellow
Diarylide Yellow
Phthalo Green 06
Earth Mint
Dioxazine Purple 04
Quinacridine Crimson
Genesis Red
Pyrole Red 02
Pyrole Red 05

Pyrole Red 06
Pyrole Red 08

Warm Blush
Eyelid Purple

 Lip and Blush & Nail
Ethnic Lip, Blush & Nail

Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber Light
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber
Mars Black
Carbon Black
Nail Tip
Vein Blue
Phthalo Blue 02
Ultramarine Blue
Ethnic Brow
Brow Brown
Blonde Eyebrow
Brown Eyebrow
Chocolate Eyebrow
Dark Brown Eyebrow


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