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Starburst Eyes Full And Half Round All Sizes And Colours


Size: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 16mm Full Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 16mm HALF Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 18mm Full Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 18mm HALF Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 20mm Full Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 20mm HALF Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 22mm Full Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 22mm HALF Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 24mm Full Round,  Colour: Soft Brown
Size: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: Blue HazelSize: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark Blue HazelSize: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: Dark HazelSize: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: Emerald Green HazelSize: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: HazelSize: 24mm HALF Round,  Colour: Soft Brown

Starburst Eyes Full And Half Round All Sizes And Colours

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have been developed with optical grade acrylic the same material used to make the lenses in real Glasses.
 Tinks eyes are so realistic they capture the realism of nature, take a look at our natural colours
oven safe up to 130% centigrade
so perfect for reborn dolls


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Oh those eyes!
Tuesday, 25 July 2017  | 

Used these on Juan and they look so real. A really good buy.

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