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Newborn Soft Brown Human Eyes Full Round


Newborn Soft Brown Human Eyes Full Round

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Weight:  20 g

This colour is a beautiful soft brown some babies eyes soon after birth would normally start to turn from blue to the colour they will be as an adult. so these eyes would be suitable for a baby doll represented as over 2 month old.
Human like Eyes have been developed here at Tinkerbell Creations specially  for Reborn baby dolls,
they are unique as they are made from the same glass material used to make prosthetic eyes for children so they are as close to a human babies eyes as possible
you will find the colouring of the eyes is particularly unique in that the white of the eye (Sclera) is silver blue colour just like that of a human baby!

Human like eyes are exclusive to Tinkerbell Creations.

developed by Jayne Seddon

Comment from customer:
These have got to be the most realistic eyes I have ever seen they are fantastic!

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