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Prismacolor Premier Pencil- Espresso


Prismacolor Premier Pencil- Espresso

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Weight:  10 g

Prismacolor Premier Pencil


Great for drawing brows, hair etc on your reborn.

This will need to be sealed with Genesis thick medium or Genesis matte


It is recommended to heat set or leave for 24 hours so that the pencil

adheres to the vinyl better.

These high-quality colored pencils boast luxurious softness and thick leads,

setting them apart with their exceptional brilliance, durability, and blending capabilities.

They provide seamless, adaptable coverage, capable of delivering vivid intensity or gentle softness with each stroke.

Crafted with dense cores composed of enduring pigments bound in wax, they uphold their vibrancy over time,

resisting the effects of fading. Furthermore, a unique bonding technique ensures their structural integrity, preventing crumbling.

Encased in rounded cedar wood meticulously matched to the color of the lead, they exude elegance and functionality.

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